ID Dr License Lookup

ID Dr License Lookup is provided for free by Idaho Board of Medicine and can be performed online by using the link below and do a medical license lookup by using the medical license number, first name and last name. You may call Idaho Board of Medicine phone number 208-327-7000 for a phone assistance.

Performing ID Dr License Lookup

ID Dr License Lookup can be performed online using the following link by a medical license number, first name, last name, and address:

Click here to begin with performing your ID Dr License Lookup at the IBMO website.

ID Dr License Lookup Phone Number

ID Dr License Lookup phone number where you can talk to a real person regarding any medical license matters is 208-327-7000.

ID Dr License Lookup Process

Watch the following video to learn everyting you need to know about ID Dr License Lookup process, step by step, IBMO, and more.

ID Dr License Lookup Address

Idaho Board of Medicine (IBMO) address where you can send official mail for medical license lookup and other medical license related matters is:

Idaho Board of Medicine (IBMO)
Address: 345 Bobwhite Court, Suite 150
City: Boise
State: Idaho
ZIP Code: 83706

ID Dr License Lookup Fax Number

Idaho Board of Medicine fax number where you can send fax messages regarding ID Dr License Lookup using a facsimile machine is 208-327-7005.

Idaho Board of Medicine Website

Idaho Board of Medicine website where you can find additional state medical license news, board management information, updates, COVID-19 guidelines & regulation, contacts, and state medical license announcements can be reached by clicking here.

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